YouTube, Here I Come!


You guys the time has finally arrived. Drum roll please…I posted my first video on YouTube!  Allowing a pause for champagne bottle popping :)

I filmed this last month with the idea of creating a clear branded video. It’s sort of a commercial for Planning Pretty! After making this blog and all its extensions my full time gig in May, I started developing better strategies to grow and improve this site. I knew video would need to work its way onto this blog soon. I dusted off my iMovie skills and you know what, editing wasn’t as bad as I thought. I held off posting the video for a while since I’m not a videographer  Boy is being nervous silly sometimes. It’s just better to get things out into the world. I hope YouTube viewers will stumble upon my little video and find inspiration here on Planning Pretty!

With the new site design and new projects developing, now really is the perfect time to debut my first video.  Next step? Getting over being camera shy for the next video! My new video series will share helpful tips for decorating, entertaining and baking techniques.  I plan to release a new episode every month as I get the hang of filming. If there’s anything specific you really want to see please share in the comments, I would love to know.  I’m all about helping friends.  So stay tuned, keep reading and subscribe to the YouTube channel.  Thank you for the support!

Picnic for Two


The mister and I celebrated our two year anniversary this past weekend with a quiet trip to Lake Tahoe.  When it came to anniversary gifts, we wanted to go the traditional route. First anniversary equals paper, second year cotton.  I debated over new sheets, towels, pajamas, but then I learned about Tiny Prints custom pillows!

We never finished printing all of our wedding photos.  My dad created a wonderful painting of us and we have a couple photos scattered around the apartment in frames. The pillows, however, would be a great addition! I followed the easy step by step process to design a pillow on Tiny Prints’ site.  I chose large high resolution photos that captured some of our favorite wedding moments. Tiny Prints has a great selection of templates for pillows.  I adored the Stunning Love and Favorite Memory designs and it took less than five minutes to set up my order. I also selected a couple of the Forever Dots pillows to compliment.  The pillows were the perfect gift for our anniversary.


To debut the new pillows, I set up a romantic picnic for two out on our rooftop. Nothing too fancy or difficult to prepare.  I laid out the new pillows, a bouquet of dahlias, a soft blanket, my antique silver tray, a pair of champagne flutes, a few dishes and our new portable record player.

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Today is my second wedding anniversary.  It’s strange how fast two years can fly by.  It feels like we just relocated to the bay area and beginning our marriage and careers.  I’m lucky to have a wonderful partner in life.

Back in May, I participated in the Home Depot outdoor games challenge.  We got all dressed up for the shoot and thought we could take a few anniversary photos too!




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Featured Designer: Nicole Porter


On the first floor of our apartment building are two amazing design shops.  One happens to feature the best in colorful modern decor accessories.  My favorite collection in the store is by designer Nicole Porter.  I absolutely adore the modern lines and bright colors!  Reminds me of my younger days of mixing bold colors with my folders, pens, clothes and bedding.  I was quite obsessed with pairing bright colors together for hair accessories, nail polish and never wearing anything drab.  It’s a color palette after my own heart.

She started her business at home and it’s grown to a national level in just four years.  I’m a big fan of women who shape and build their own businesses.  So please check out her products and have fun building color set of tableware!

I have two of these in my kitchen now!
Vintage chevron peony melamine plate, $24

This is one of my favorites from her collection. I love that she’s paired a bright oversized peony graphic with a classic black & white pattern.  She has several more available in different colors.  I’d pair with a patterned tablecloth, bare wood table or hang on the wall as a beautiful piece of art.

I actually think most of my dish collection will end up being on display.  I’m guilty to admit that some of my favorites are hidden away in kitchen cabinets.  Figuring out how to display beautiful dishes all at once is tricky when you’re short on space.  I do have a few favorites strategically placed in a gallery wall in our living room.  My tea set is in a glass case.  But, I keep finding great cups, saucers, cocktails plates, etc. and can’t find a nice home for the little guys.  They do come in handy for styling and parties though :) Read More

Dorm Room Ready

Bright and happy dorm room inspiration via Better Homes & Gardens

Ready to go back to school?  If you’re like me and college is way behind you, perhaps you know someone who is moving into their first dorm room. Last week my sister-in-law moved into her new dorm room.  And in honor of her design questions I’m sharing my favorite dorm room finds.  Del Mar Fans & Lighting graciously asked me to create a guide for dorm room necessities.

bunk bed dorm
Ideas for dorm with bunk beds via HGTV
dorm room kichenette
Mini fridge storage and coffee maker for a dorm room kitchenette via Handmade Charlotte

It’s good to have the basics in your dorm room like storage, nice bedding, and furniture. It is also important to showcase your style!  Accessories are the pieces that can bring out your personality and add happiness to a dark little corner.  The most important accessory for any space? Lighting. I think it’s worth it to splurge a little on lamps and Del Mar has a great collection of lighting online.  I kept my lamps for all four years of college and  wish I invested in something a little better.  There are a lot of late nights spent studying in college and having to strain your eyes is not fun!
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