Home Depot Patio Challenge Reveal

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It’s finally live! The redesign for my brother’s backyard debuts on The Home Depot today!  I’m currently thousands of miles in the air in route to Paris, but wanted to share the exciting news. I had a wonderful time participating in the Patio Challenge alongside so many talented design bloggers.  See the lineup below!

The design was planned out over a couple months and completely installed in 24 hours.  We went with a relaxed zen style, but fit for entertaining.  My brother is super into yoga, meditation and hosting barbecues.  He needed a space in his yard to relax, work from home and keep guests comfy.  I stuck with a simple color palette accented with green and pickings from the garden.  We stained an awesome potting table a dark slate color and created drapes for shade out of canvas.  They whole family got in on the DIY action!  Continue reading

Plan Free Friday

I’ve spent the past week running around getting ready for Paris.  Monday could’t come any slower. This is probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been preparing for a trip. It’s nice to not over plan, but also I’m a little worried I forgot something.  So I’m powering through the creation of a detailed itinerary in One Note. Still, Mr. Planning Pretty has taken the wheel on the major details and it’s actually kinda nice to focus on the smaller details.  My excitement was delayed, but now I’m ready.  I’m excited and I can’t wait to share the trip with all of you.  I spent a lot of time browsing the web for Paris photos to get myself psyched too.  I love these photos by Spanish photographer Aiala Hernando.  Her Paris photos (below & above) are amazing, definitely follow her on Instagram!

Monday is also exciting because my backyard makeover will be revealed on Home Depot’s blog!   Continue reading

Hibiscus + Rose Syrup Tea

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Tea or coffee?  I choose tea every time!  Every day I have at least one cup to start the day of right or unwind in the evening.  Most of of time I shop around for teas, but every now and then it’s nice to brew my own!

My husband is in the midst of brewing a rose-hibiscus beer this season, so I stole a few of his ingredients and made my own tea.

Hibiscus is extremely easy to brew and creates a beautiful deep pink color. It can have quite the bitter taste when strong, so adding a little sugar is needed.  Regular sugar is fine, but rose syrup is even better.  I love using rose syrup in cocktails like a bellini too!  So follow these simple directions and you’ll have a bright pink cup of tea in just a few minutes.
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Plan Free Friday

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It’s been a whirlwind around here the past couple of weeks. This year was off to such a rough start. Work and my grandmother passing took more than a chunk of my energy and happiness. I’m still catching up on reading, birthdays, friends’ baby news, Scandal and my own life.

Today, things will change. I took a really big step. I don’t want to share just yet, I’m one of those superstitious types who hates jinxing things before they happen and details worked out. I’m treating spring like the new year. Resolutions, cleaning out the clutter (literally and metaphorically) and giving my self a chance to refresh. Continue reading

Support Crane & Canopy!

(White Background) Bundle, Ultimate GrayExciting news!  My good friends Karin and Chris of Crane & Canopy launched a Kickstarter campaign last week and it’s already well on its way.  If you aren’t familiar with the Crane & Canopy brand, they produce amazing quality bedding for a wonderful and affordable price.  They are a local bay area business too!

The innovative design of this new Nova bedding keeps making the bed easy, yet still pretty!  The design is clean, modern and a great base for any decor style. With the Nova bedding, you can insert a comforter with little hassle and hide the opening with a tailored flap.  Check out the video to see it in action! Continue reading

Style Me Pretty in Domino Magazine

Over the weekend, I finally had the chance to indulge in the latest issue of Domino Magazine. So many beautiful color palates in this spring issue!  I even love the pink color on the cover :)

I came across Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty‘s home tour and fell in love.  It’s a beautiful example of keeping a space bright and airy, but still playing with color.  At the foundation of this design are neutrals.  Whites, beiges and grays.  All light in saturation and thus able to blend together.  Something I’ve tried in my own home :)

Then there are the happy accents.  Playing off the motif of bright and airy, yellow, pink and green hues feel refreshing in her home.  It’s clean without fuss, and there’s nothing more I love than a clean home.

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Flowers for Spring!

Flowers in a cake stand via Julep

Hooray spring is finally here!  We are quite lucky with the weather here in San Francisco and it’s creating more excitement for the season.  Spring is my favorite time of year, for the flowers, baby animals and pastels.  Seems like I haven’t changed much from my 10-year-old self.

Flowers are definitely my favorite part of spring.  I spend the rest of the year waiting for my favorite blooms to reappear.  Beautiful roses, tulips, and the grand dame of them all, peonies. And I can’t wait to have a garden of my own.  Until then, I’ll continue to buy my little bouquets each week and sigh over beautiful flower decor. Continue reading