Favorite Bloggers and Their Homes

Design Lovefest’s new living room decor

Hello April!  Don’t worry I’m not going to pull a April fools trick on you guys today :)

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve realized that I am no longer star struck by entertainment celebrities (except JT!).  Now, I become giggly at the thought of meeting Emily Henderson of Bri Emery.  When I met Joy Cho at her book signing last year, I could barely form comprehensive sentences!

What is it about these fabulous women that makes myself and other bloggers alike so excited?  They not only have style, but have built amazing brands just by being themselves.  It’s very inspirational from an entrepreneurship perspective.  I’ve always dreamed about having my own business of some sort.  Looking at their “empires”, I am reassured that my dream is possible.

But let’s talk about their style today, their home style that it is.  I would gladly allow any of these women to come into my home and just take control of my decor!  In the meantime, I’ll just admire and study their techniques.  They make look it easy, but I know a lot of thought went into each space.

Above is Bri Emery’s newly designed living space by Emily Henderson.  I was in love as soon as I saw the aqua sofa!  Emily has a great way of creating layers in room, mixing textures, colors, and patterns to build a complex yet cohesive design.

Oh Happy Day’s home via A Cup of Jo

Now take Jordan Ferney’s home.  Playful yet coordinated patterns for her pillows, symmetrical art pieces and greenery create a very inviting space.  Her color accents are minor pieces, meaning if she ever decided to change from lavender it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

SFGirlByBay’s living area

Victoria’s space is very bright and airy.  As I’ve learned, square-footage in SF is very hard to come by so layout is key.  She’s done an amazing job organizing and arranging her space!

Emily Henderson’s bedroom

Emily is never shy about color!  Her bedroom is full of great vintage finds and accents that match her peppy attitude.  At the same time it’s sophisticated and that velvet headboard is so regal!

Oh Joy’s baby-proof living room

Joy Cho’s baby-proofed her very modern and glamourous living room.  I mean what a great idea to cover the sofa cushions so little baby Ruby doesn’t get them dirty.  It goes to show that just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you have to lose style!

What do you think?!?  As I said, I would love for any of them to redo my space but I admit there is pride in decorating your own home.

On another note, I have a lot of work ahead of me this month. I’m working on improving this site and dedicating more time studying layouts, photography and coding.  That said, I may not always post 5 days a week in order to take things to the next level.   You can keep up to date by signing up for emails, my Facebook page or following on Twitter.  My little blog is growing!  There’s a lot that goes into Planning Pretty and I’m learning as much as possible everyday.

  • I actually met Emily Henderson at LAX in November. She was incredibly sweet (despite my obvious stalking of her) and we talked for a while about blogging. She did such a great job at Bri’s place — if only she’d come to my house!

  • I know! Great job on stalking and not coming across as weird lol, that is a talent!

  • Bri’s space is the best job Emily has done yet. I was following the process on Instagram and couldn’t await to be published. In love. So glad I have ordered the same rug. :)

  • I love her space too! That rug is amazing, i would love something like that but in color :)

  • I’m obsessed with Emily Henderson. If I were a millionaire I’d hire her to do all my designing. She is incredible!

  • Right?! I’m afraid to know how much she charges! I just try to learn as much as possible from her and hopefully my home will be at least 2% as lovely.

  • So cool that you met her! It’s always nice to know they are just as kind as they seem. And yes Bri has a beautiful home to wake up to every morning now :)