Today is my second wedding anniversary.  It’s strange how fast two years can fly by.  It feels like we just relocated to the bay area and beginning our marriage and careers.  I’m lucky to have a wonderful partner in life.

Back in May, I participated in the Home Depot outdoor games challenge.  We got all dressed up for the shoot and thought we could take a few anniversary photos too!







All photos by Planning Pretty 

We’re wrapping up our mini trip to Lake Tahoe now, gorgeous!  Follow along on Instagram and I’ll share more photos this week.

Happy Monday!

  • Jasmine

    i love the dress, and that you wore your wedding shoes for the shoot! it seems like it was just yesterday that you were about to order them. happy 2 years and may you have many more together :)

  • Camille Iman Simmons

    Thank you Jasmine!! Yes I still love those shoes from BHLDN and hope to keep for years :)

  • Still one of my favorite all time photo shoots that you’ve done!

  • Camille Iman Simmons

    Aw thank you! It so awkward because we were shooting with a tripod. Our neighbors thought we were a little nuts!