New day, new look


The new site is here!  After lots of time spent coding and designing, I’m happy to unveil. I played with a few different header designs. Finally I just learned how to use the watercolor brush in Photoshop and created those camellia icons. I couldn’t wait any longer to debut! Since I tend to obsess over details, you’ll notice adjustments here and there for the next couple of weeks.  There are still a few features to update, a little CSS to fix and a couple pages to finish building like my services page. But please, enjoy the new Planning Pretty.

My dear readers if you notice anything a little funky on the site let me know. Also if there are any new features you love, share your praise! It’s a lot easier to sign up for newsletter emails (see just there to the right) and follow on social media.

You may notice the new tagline under the logo, and I will have a detailed services page soon. More content is coming too, now that the bulk of this is done :)

Happy happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “New day, new look

  1. Thank you! Just need to put a little love into the design. I hadn’t touched it since my redesign in 2013!

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