Plan Free Friday – Donut Day!

national donut day

It’s Donut day! Yes there is a national holiday for donuts folks.  The truth is I probably won’t even have a donut today, more of a croissant girl, but you definitely should!  Pop into your local shop and pick a few treats to celebrate the start of the weekend.  If you’re really adventurous try making your own fresh donuts Saturday morning.  Here’s a round up of yummy recipes from a few of my favorite bloggers (& friends).

national donut day
Chocolate dipped donuts via Cultural Chromatics

Nanette’s donuts are perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a tone of extra time.  Take store-bought donuts and dip in melted chalet.  Add a few sprinkles and voila! Simple, yet pretty and delicious.

national donut day
Filled beignets via Fluxi on Tour

Ana’s beignets are take on one of my favorite recipes. In fact, my tradition is make New Orleans creole style beignets. These delicious pillows of fried dough are a French treat. If you ever head down to NOLA definitely stop by Cafe du Monde.  I know we will two weeks from now :)

national donut day
Raspberry donuts via Freutcake

Leah made these beautiful donuts last year.  Raspberry has quickly become one of my favorite flavors.  Ever since my trip to Paris where everything had a little framboise, I have grown to love the tart sweetness. So glad it’s berry season now!

national donut day
Ice cream sandwich donuts via Studio DIY

Ok maybe you’re really not into donuts.  Then just make a different dessert in the shape of a donut! If you aren’t familiar with the blog Studio DIY, she basically turns everything and anything into donuts. Sunglasses, bar stools and these ice cream sandwiches.  Donuts aren’t just for donuts anymore folks.

Celebrate Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Header image via How Sweet Eats